Monday, June 22, 2009

Schumi is the Stig!!

So apparently the legendary Michael Schumacher is the infamous Stig, i say fucking awesome. Last nite on the BBC's hit show Top Gear, host Jeremy Clarkson revealed Schumi to be the Stig. This after he totally broke the track record in a Ferrari FXX. Sham or not it made for great TV and for me i always wanted to believe that Stig was Schumacher.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Christina Milian in Maxim

Remember Christina Milian, well i kinda forgot her. Here she is back in Maxim magazine, not the most exciting shoot, but she is still sweet. enjoy

Olivia Munn on Playboy

G4TV's Attack of the Show co-host Olivia Munn announces she will be in the upcoming issue of Playboy. The super hottie landed the cover, i am happy for her cuz i'm a fan. I do have a big problem with the fact that its a non-nude pictorial, i mean WTF!! how do u land the cover of Playboy and not be naked in it, not even a little naked-ness, that fucking sucks. Whats wrong with you Playboy

Friday, June 5, 2009

Studs & Sluts

now u see society says that if i guy sleeps around with many women he's a stud, the man, and all kinds of awesome and cool things. at the same time when a girl sleeps with many men, she's a slut, whore, no good, etc. So u can see there's clearly a double standard, but rightfully so. you see for a guy to be a stud he's gotta be really good looking, rich, successful, confident, and good in bed. now a girl can lack all of those thing and still get laid, often therefore a slut. you see being a stud takes work, effort, and talent, and being a slut not so much. makes sense, of course it does, cuz thats the way it is, and now u know.

Loving Vida G.

one of my all time favorites Vida Guerra is back on the cover of Maxim Espanol, on sale now!! here are some of my favorite pics from the issue. she is so so sexy, i would just... well that would to graphic, anyway enjoy.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Funny H(honda)

i just thought that was funny, and i am a big Honda fan. the chick in that sandwich could be the Honda whore.