Saturday, August 29, 2009

F1 has gone mad...

and i got to say its kinda cool. i mean this season has been so up and down, talk about unpredictable. first it seemed all Brawn GP, then Red Bull Racing steped up. all the while Ferrari and McLaren are nowhere to be found.Now Brawn is slipping, McLaren won a race, Ferrari have some pace and the madness just keeps going. oh now today Force India get on pole at mighty Spa!! what a season, can't wait to see what else happens, can't wait for 2010, promises to be even crazier, and really can't wait to attend the Italian GP in Monza in a few weeks. oh yeah and i got to say Luca Badoer get him out of that Ferrari asap!!! i mean talk about useless, shit let me drive it for the rest of the season, might be alot better for Ferrari and i'd do it for free.

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